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What You Do Wednesday: Our Customers & Their Sustainable Packaging

By Chloe Winsper  |  13 October 2021  |   4 minute read.
Eco Friendly

Shopping sustainably plays an important role in protecting our planet, and we love that our customers think so too. Whilst it may be difficult to know where to begin, eco-friendly packaging is a great place to start, and we believe that providing a great variety of sustainable packaging options allows our customers to begin or continue to progress on their eco journey.

A couple of months ago, we decided to start a hashtag called #WhatYouDoWednesday for us to showcase how our incredible customers use our eco-friendly packaging, what sustainability means to them and their company, and how they are sharing their sustainability story through their packaging choices.

Take a look at our customer’s planet-friendly packaging…

Honey Bee Studio

With cardboard being one of the materials with the least environmental impact, it’s no surprise Honey Bee Studio uses cardboard postal boxes for her company’s packaging. These brown postal boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable – did you know, recycling cardboard can save energy and uses 90% less water and 50% less electricity when making items out of recycled cardboard.

Being kind to the environment is absolutely at the heart of what I do at Honey Bee Studio. Not only in the packaging I use but also through the artwork and products I make. When I started my business I knew I wanted to avoid plastic as much as possible in my packaging and always use cardboard and paper – hence me using Priory Direct. I love how easy it is to find eco alternatives on your site and the scoring system you have!

Oh Sew Honey

Using eco-friendly packaging is a great way to show your customers your commitment to the environment and protecting our planet for a greener future. At Oh Sew Honey, they’ve chosen our Priory Elements EcoMailingBags, which are fully recyclable, biodegradable, 100% plastic-free, and made from sustainable materials. Spotted the penguin? there’s a reason why we’ve added animals to many of our Priory Elements Ranges…unfortunately, they are are endangered, and by assigning vulnerable animals to our products, we aim to raise awareness to threats that are affecting their likelihood of survival.

Kiera Flynn Photography

At Kiera Flynn Photography, they opted to ship their products using our Priory Elements EcoMailers, which are made from 100% post consumer waste and contain no plastic. A super ocean friendly packaging alternative that helps to protect our planet. How? Well, with each purchase of these Priory Elements products, we donate 1% of the sales to 1% For The Planet, allowing our customers to make sustainable packaging choices that also work towards driving environmental change.

When I started my business it was really important to me to make sure that I did so in an environmentally friendly way, which for me meant using minimal packaging and ensuring that it was plastic-free and recyclable from the start!

By incorporating plastic-free and recyclable packaging into their business, they are helping fight the global plastic waste issue, saving the planet’s limited supply of raw materials, and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.


Who said eco-friendly packaging had to be boring? SewSheStitchesCo shows us how it’s done with their planet-friendly blue tissue paper, adding an eco-friendly pop of colour to their packaging. Not only is it recyclable, but our tissue paper is FSC certified, meaning that it is sourced using responsible forestry practices to maintain sustainability and reduce environmental impact.


Using sustainable packaging contributes to reducing your carbon footprint, can break down without releasing harmful chemicals, are easy to dispose of, and can either be reused or recycled. But at Barefoot.Tech, they don’t stop there, in fact, they believe in taking environmental accountability of their products too. Instead, they recycle and reuse the materials readily out there to make their products.

All our products are made up of pre-existing materials, recycling 90% of all our fabrics, scraps and trimmings. Therefore using Priory direct packaging aligns our values as a brand; boxes and padded envelopes are made from recycled content, are plastic free, 100% recyclable, biodegradable and fully compostable.

Barefoot.Tech have sealed the deal on their packaging using our Priory Elements Ecotape, which unlike many other packing tapes, is 100% plastic-free, biodegradable, and recyclable – so, when using it to tape up cardboard packaging, your customers can safely recycle both together and reduce their plastic waste.

Our customers are helping protect our planet one parcel at a time – and you can too. Because whilst we can’t all do everything, everyone can do something.

What eco-friendly packaging do you use? How are you sharing your sustainability story through your packaging? Let us know in the comments below. 

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